Savannah Financial Planner - Bob Johnson

Financial and planning services for college grads to retirees in the Savannah Ga area.

My name is Bob Johnson and I am a financial planner in Savannah Georgia. My firm and I are dedicated to guiding our clients through the vast maze of investing and money management. From wealth management to investment strategies, retirement planning to funding college tuition. Check out all of our financial services.

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As financial planners located here in Savannah Georgia, we assist our clients with creating strategies for various personal financial issues, which include college savings, retirement planning, cash flow management, investment guidance, insurance assessments, estate planning, tax planning, and small business management.

We work diligently with our clients to create a comprehensive and detailed plan specifically tailored to fit our clients’ needs and goals, and we consider ourselves to be the premier Savannah Financial Planner. We believe that comprehensive Financial Planning is the foundation for your financial success. Therefore we ensure that our one-on-one planning sessions carefully take into account your current situation and your long term goals. Since we recognize that life happens, our customized plans also include allowances for emergencies and life changing events.

We recognize that every client is unique with individual needs and goals, therefore there is no one “size fits all” approach. You can check out our various financial strategies. There is a general frame work or process that we follow with each of our clients:

1. Needs and Goals Analysis. What are the clients immediately needs? Is there any debt that needs to be paid off? Are there children that will college tuition? Is there a large sum of cash that needs to be invested? When would the client like to retire? Does the client own a small business? Is the client adequately insured?

2. formation Gathering. In order to put together a comprehensive financial plan Savannah Financial Planners will need to review all the accounts, budgets, and insurance policies. It’s not uncommon for our clients to take 30 – 60 days to gather all the necessary paperwork, so we like to start this process as early as possible.

3. Creating the Plan. After a through examination of the clients’ current situation and their goals, we develop comprehensive plans that include:

  • Cash Flow Management. This includes Debt reduction, college savings, short term savings, and retirement savings.
  • Long Term Investment Strategies. Stocks, bonds, 401k plans, and rollovers.
  • Small Business Cash Flow Management and Planning. For those clients that own a small business it’s imperative that their business planning be in-sync with their personal financial planning.
  • Insurance. Life insurance, long term and short term disability, and umbrella policies.
  • Estate Planning. Inheritance tax, family trust, living trust, wills, and dependant care choices.

4. Implementation and Monitoring. This is probably the most important step because a poorly implemented plan is worthless! Savannah Financial Planners will take charge of the initial implementation. For the first 6 months we’ll have monthly meetings with the client to ensure that the plan is being accurately implemented. After the first 6 months we’ll move to quarterly meetings.

Whether you are Saving for College, Preparing for Retirement, need Wealth Management advise, or Starting a Business, we think you will find us to be the best Savannah Financial Planner in the area.